School District of West Salem

Webteam was asked to implement a redesign of the School District of West Salem Wisconsin website. The menu system of the website was updated and content streamlined to make information easier to locate for students, families and staff. New shortcut icons leading to popular areas of the website are located at the very top of the page to quickly access information.


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West Salem High School Portfolio


The website includes an extensive Content Management System (CMS) that allows administrators to manage most of the content on the website, including multiple levels of website administrative rights to limit editing of some pages. Each school has customized header elements, menu, news, and other information specific to that area/school, all edited from one location or can be delegated to individuals who can only edit what they are granted administrative access to.

School District of West Salem


Facility booking requests & approvals are also run through a system that allows admins to control booking of all facilities in the district online. Users can request a location and notifications are sent to the assigned parties who approve the event. The system then notifies the user that their event was approved and the custodial staff can access the facility schedule for set up.

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