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National Presto Industries (Presto) was founded 1905 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and is a recognized and respected leader in the housewares and small electric appliance industry. Getting their start with pressure cookers they went on to create the FryDaddy®, SaladShooter®, Pizzazz® pizza oven, and countless other small appliances. Available at retailers nationwide, chances are you already own a Presto product.

A long time customer of Webteam, Presto's newest website offers their customers the ability to purchase those offerings of small appliances online via a customized store. The site also offers an array of parts for repair or replacement on existing or past products. 

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Presto Applicances portfolio


The website is responsive to any screen size and utilizes Webteam's Content Management System (CMS) that allows the site administrator(s) the ability to make changes to the informational/content pages of the website. As well, the site includes a custom made product editor to maintain the store, instructional videos, and parts as well as a dedicated editor for recipes that can be made using Presto's products.

Presto Applicances portfolio


All information on the website can be searched via a general site-wide keyword search and the website includes a dedicated part finder for users looking for replacement parts for their current Presto appliances. 

Presto Applicances portfolio


National Presto receives many orders daily, weekly, monthly and needed an easy way to retrieve the orders from the website. Webteam worked with the National Presto internal team so that the orders system could be downloaded and uploaded to the Presto in-house ordering platform. 

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