Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA)

The Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA), a non-profit professional trade association, is a major voice in the revenue cycle management industry in the United States.

 HBMA is one of Webteam's longest standing clients and over the years we have worked together to develop many things including a membership system, an event/education system with attendance/credit tracking, an accreditation program, an online journal, an online store, and so much more.

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Educational Calendar system development

Educational Events

HBMA's custom event system allows for online registration for multiple attendees per registration, guests, online payment, attendance, and credit tracking.

Online Memberships

HBMA's custom membership system allows for multiple types of memberships each of which have different dues schedules depending on the size of the company joining.

Message Boards

HBMA's custom message board system provides the members with a great way to interact and solve problems.

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