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The Climate Alliance for the Common Good wants to help people learn about climate change and what we can do to address it. As an organization, they are striving to educate and empower people to learn to work together to as a community and through individual actions to fight climate change.

Webteam and Climate Alliance for the Common Good worked together to create an interactive, responsive website that is attractive on mobile and desktop to help The Climate Alliance for the Common Good to inform the public about their cause, their current and future plans, and notify the public of upcoming events. 

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The mission of the Climate Alliance for the Common Good is to help spread awareness about climate change and take action! The purpose of creating this website was to promote local climate events and share information and events in the Coulee Region area. Education is key in the path to tackling climate change and is the focal point in promoting local events, providing information, and educating the public.

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Website administrators have the ability to add to the wealth of information on the website via their admin tools, provide Toolkits for informational use, allow users to request speakers for events, find out about local climate events and activities, how to support them, and more. 

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Webteam created a number of administrative tools for the Climate Alliance that allow the website admins to update content on their website via a Content Management System (CMS), create news articles, compile and manage email lists for marketing purposes, and volunteer.

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Webteam created an event management tool for them to easily post events and updates for climate events in the area.

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