Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy (Orthopt)

Webteam has made a number of websites for the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy (Orthopt).

The most recent website features a responsive design using their current marketing & branding and includes Webteam's Content Management System (CMS) for editing the content on the website.

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OrthoPT portfolio


The website was updated with a new look in 2021. There is a great deal of content on the website for use by those in the Physical Therapy field including publications, education, clinical practice guidelines and other resources. Webteam created new design layouts and templates for website admins to use throughout the website for easy management of content.  

OrthoPT portfolio


The website includes many resources for Physical Therapists and others in the Orthopaedic field. Independent Study Courses, Webinars, Clinical Practice Guidelines and Special Interest Groups provide a wealth of information on this website. During the redesign Webteam created additional content management tools to make management and distribution of these resources easier for website administrators. 

OrthoPT portfolio


Webteam created several custom tools for site administrators to manage content & resources on their website. The publications area has content for the last 30+ years and Webteam created tools to distribute content from those newsletters directly to the correct Special Interest Groups without manually created special pages. 

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