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search engine optimization

"I have a website but don't seem to get much traffic to it."

We've heard this comment from many clients. Unfortunately it isn't enough to just have someone create a web site for your business - the website needs to be constructed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics in mind. 

What is SEO and what do I need to do?
Search Engine Optimization involves creating your website for search engines to easily find your products and services and rank it higher in search results so people can find it just as easily. When your site is being built it is very important to think about how people are going to be finding website. Think about all the terms and keywords will they be using to find your site and your products/services.  Are your products or services regional or worldwide? It is important to plan and consider SEO before building or redesigning your website.  It could be the key to bringing in more business for your company.

Because every website is different, Webteam offers a few different options for SEO.  Please contact us to talk about your vision for marketing your website.

  • Basic SEO - Included in all new website development
  • SEO Plus - Includes Basic plan plus menu, content, H1, image editing/planning, code edits for SEO, sitemap development, setup Google webmaster tools, Google analytics
  • SEO Monthly Maintenance - Updating your website regularly is a positive move in the SEO world.  Our monthly program can be constructed to your website needs and include some or all of the following options:
    • Refresh/tweak page content and code where needed
    • Review stats
    • Review webmaster tools, traffic, and make changes based on data, resubmit website to search engines
    • Google Adwords setup/maintenance