New Online Bill Pay for Webteam Clients

In order to make things easier, Webteam has changed our online bill pay system to no longer require accounts. Each month your billing contact will be emailed a breakdown of account transactions and the current balance on your account, along with a link to the Webteam website to view details and pay any balances. From here you can view and print past invoices, see which payments have been entered into the system, and pay your current balance or a specific amount.

As with the previous system, the online payments use the PayPal system and can be made via Debit or Credit Card with or without a PayPal account.

Please contact us at 608-788-8100 if you wish to update your company's billing contact or have any questions about our online bill pay system. Customers who have opted to receive paper invoices will continue to receive them in the mail. 

Thank you!

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New Online Bill Pay for Webteam Clients

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