Everything you should know about Brave, the Google Chrome rival that keeps your data from prying eyes

Brave Browser Logo

This privacy-focused browser stops websites tracking you even better than Chrome does.

No one wants to leak their private information as they browse the web. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other popular browsers can help keep your data away from prying eyes. The caveat, however, is that securing those browsers means setting up a few security-minded extensions or tweaking privacy settings in preferences. There is one browser -- with its own privacy-focused search engine -- that takes the setup and fiddling out of the process, going all-in on guarding your data. 

Out of the box, Brave browser blocks trackers and third-party cookies that monitor your activity as you travel across the web. But the browser also gives you control over what you do and don't want to be blocked -- from ads and cookies to Facebook and Google login buttons.

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