Custom Web Programming Services

What is Custom Programming?

Custom programming means the functionality of the website is tailored to your specific needs, rather than you conforming your needs to what a website does. For example, Webteam programmers can make you a store and shopping cart system with whatever pricing system your business requires, rather than your business planning your pricing around what a pre-built shopping cart can offer. Even if you can find something pre-built that claims to be flexible enough to work in many scenarios, often times that comes at the expense of it "just working" for no one. The options you don't use are in your way, and often confusing.

Custom Programming Sounds Expensive

Depending on what you're looking for, custom programming can be expensive, but the relative cost of custom programming vs modifying a pre-built system to suit your needs might not be as much as you think, especially here at Webteam. Think of the process like you were opening a real world business location. Your options include purchasing an existing building, or building a brand new one. The existing building might be cheaper, but it might also constrain what is possible in your vision of your business. Either way the costs of renovating that building to suit your needs might start to add up to more than you hoped. If you build a new building from the ground up you can be confident in it matching your exact specifications, but it might carry a higher initial price tag. 

The Best of Both

What if there was a 3rd option out there for your building? What if you were able to cheaply purchase a building in the middle of its construction? Something with a solid foundation and framework, but ready and waiting to be a fast food place, as easily as a shoe store - ready to be taken in any direction your business might need. You'd get the cost savings of not starting from scratch, with the flexibly as if you did. This is what we do here at Webteam. We don't just add your logo into the corner of a site that tells you how you have to price your products, and do other such things, but you're not paying us to start from the ground either. We have a solid foundation on which we build your website, made to the requirements YOU set.

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