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Going Mobile - Taking Your Website to the Smallscreen

There are currently over 1 billion Smartphones in use, and smartphones are being activated at a pace of around 1 million a week. Mobile internet usage is projected to surpass computer internet usage...

Getting Users to a Physical Location

For some people their website is their business. All avenues on the internet need to lead back to there. Making sure people will find that website, directly, or indirectly, is paramount, and drives...

Congratulations Kelly Sloan, RE, LE, LI!

Webteam provided total site redesign and development based on existing marketing materials for Kelly Sloan, RE, LE, LI.
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McCourtesy Corporation New Site Release

McCourtesy Corporation had been a client of ours for a while, and they asked for a redesign of an existing site, featuring a design they created. We also set them up with our Content Management...

SEO Tips: Just Add Relevant Content - Then Add More

With so much out there regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it can seem to be a daunting task. Even though it goes unstated, many SEO articles are about things you can do to squeeze that extra...

SEO Tips: Pick a Practical Goal with Your Keywords

Perhaps the most important part of the process of doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website is selecting the keywords or phrases that you're targeting in the first place. Almost every...

New Site Releases

Here are some of the recent websites that we've worked on!
Genesis Archery
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Alumni Association
Coulee Parenting Connection of La Crosse...

Congrats Orthopaedic Section, APTA!

Orthopaedic Section, APTA, who has been a client of Webteam for a long time, wanted to update the look of their site, and incorporate a content management system. Webteam provided them with a...

Webteam Designs NDTA Website

The Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association (NDTA) is a large association that requires extensive website management of members. When the NDTA came to Webteam requesting a website for members to...

New Site Release: La Crosse Jazz Orchestra

This client asked for a redesign of an existing site. Webteam gave them a fresh new look and set them up with webdoneright tools to update their events, homepage slideshow images, and sponsors.
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