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Webteam recently completed website updates, google ads updates, and client portal updates for Cvikota Medical Business Services. The changes were a result of a comprehensive rebranding for all of their companies and included new logos on this site as well as the Cvikota EMS billing division in their responsive framework (mobile-friendly), a full-site content management system (CMS), and a blog.

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The Cvikota Company has been with Webteam for many years and within the last year wanted to redesign portions of their website, adding image and text animations to some areas and updating others. This followed a rebranding of the company and changes to multiple websites under The Cvikota Company umbrella including the Cvikota Medical Business Services website as well as their EMS Billing branch, Cvikota Emergency Medical Services. 

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Over time, Webteam has helped CvikotaMBS create many administrative tools for in-house use as well as secure tools for client access. Some of these custom made tools include online knowledgebase, secure document storage, secure reporting, communication tools, toggle system for productivity and more. All tools are available via a permissions based user system which is self managed in their client portal. 

Webteam SEO and Online Ads Programs

Monthly SEO & Online Marketing 

Cvikota MBS has a monthly contract with Webteam to work on website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and manage their google ads campaign. 

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