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Erin's Favorite Android Apps

Checkbook App Checkbook (free): Digital Life Solutions, LLC
This app is pretty basic, but has really helped me financially. A lot of times I would forget to write down my debit purchases. I could always check my credit unions's website to track my purchases, but those aren't always up-to-date. This app allows me to enter any purchases immediately into my phone, and I can assign categories to each purchase so I can remember what each item was.
Check it out on Google Play.
Enviro-Bear Enviro-Bear 2010: Captain Games
This started out an an indie computer game, but then they made the mobile version, which I just had to download when it came out. Your character is a bear and you have to drive around in a car and collect food to fatten up before winter. Then, once you have fattened up enough, you have to drive into your cave to hibernate. This game is challenging, but hilarious (Especially if you eat one of the special mushrooms, or get a badger in your car!). What is better than a bear driving a car?
Check it out on Google Play.
MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal: MyFitnessPal, LLC
This app allows you to track calories I take in and burn per day, and how long it will take you to reach whatever goal weight you have set for yourself. I love the online support from the other MyFitnessPal users and the barcode scanner is amazing. It has really helped me become more conscious of what foods I am eating, and has helped me lose weight!
Check it out on Google Play.
Pixlr Express Pixlr Express: Autodesk Inc.
I have tried a lot of different photo editors, and this one is definitely my favorite. It has the most options and I have really been able to do some fun things with my photos. You can do anything from cropping and adding borders and filters, to whitening teeth and removing blemishes.
Check it out on Google Play.
Untappd Untappd: Untappd
This app allows you to log the different beers you drink. You receive badges for drinking new beers and checking into different locations. My favorite part of the app is it suggests beers for you based on what you drink and like. I have discovered some pretty delicious beers that I would not have known about without this app.
Check it out on Google Play.


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