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Eight Fun (AND FREE!) Hand-drawn Fonts

Hand-drawn fonts lend a human touch to any design they are added to. They are perfect for websites with an organic or sketchy/hand-drawn look and feel, comics, and guides/instructions. They are also great for adding a touch of style as an accent font in advertisements. I have expressed my love for in the past, and their selection of free, high-quality hand-drawn fonts is truly amazing.

These are some of my favorites:

Amantic SC
Amantic SC - Font Squirrel


Barrio - Font Squirrel


CabinSketch - Font Squirrel


Idolwild - Font Squirrel


Jenna Sue
Jenna Sue - Font Squirrel

Leckerli - Font Squirrel


Pompiere - Font Squirrel


Rock Salt
Rock Salt - Font Squirrel


Give Webteam a call today if you would like to incorporate some hand-drawn fonts into your next website design!

Disclaimer: Webteam is not responsible for any device issues resulting from downloading files. Be sure to click the download button that usually appears under the font specimens images. Also, these are only for personal use (not commercial).


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