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Confessions of my inner spell checker

I'm not going to claim to be a great writer - my first English teacher in college nicknamed me 'comma splice'.  I have other issues with writing besides the overuse of the comma, and one of them is that one of the little people that sits on my shoulder is a spell checker. 

It's not that I want to spell check - it's pretty annoying.  I don't want to drive by signs with words misspelled and feel like I should call them and tell them their sign has a mistake on it. Unfortunately my eyes are drawn to typos.  I can be looking at a whole page of text and my eyes are drawn to that one word that is spelled wrong.  I refer to this as my spelling curse.  Might sound rather cool to some of you that lean the other way but I can assure you it is not.  Recently I was in a friends house for a total of 15 seconds before noticing a 'congratuations on your spelling test' note their son received for getting 100% on his spelling test. Really?  How about those 2 URLs I've seen misspelled on business vehicles in the past couple of weeks, or the marketing emails that no one bothered to edit. Is anyone paying attention?

I ask a favor of the general public, for the sake of myself and all the others out there with the spell check curse. Is it possible to please, please, use spell check before posting a marketing email with typos in it? Or make sure that sign in the front of your business makes sense?  It's very hard for me to take you seriously when I know you posted that email just to get it done and didn't proofread it.  You are representing your company - take a moment and recall those old proofreading skills you learned in middle and high school and put them to good use.  It's not as hard as it used to be.

So, from those who excelled at spelling bees in school (you know who you are), may or may not have called businesses about typos on their signs, and have to work at typing out text acronyms to friends, please help us out and utilize that spell checking tool a little more.

Thank you,
Comma Splice



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