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Spam Filtering Service

Submitted Thursday, February 9th 2017 2:21 pm by Webteam
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Webteam Spam Filtering ServicesDid you know? 

Webteam offers an email spam filtering service for our clients who are interested in a spam filter for their domain email, at an inexpensive rate. If the quantity of email spam is getting you down and you are interested in using the new email filtering service, please contact Webteam to set up spam filtering on your domain.

Fees include setup of your domain and filtering at a monthly cost but will be billed in 12-month increments. Directions on how to manage the service will be sent out to all clients as well as a walk through of the service.

What's Included?

Details for the Webteam spam filtering product are as follows:

  • The pricing of this service is for one domain receiving up to 100,000 emails per month.

  • If the number of emails your domain receives per month exceeds 100,000 there will be an excess charge of $10 per each additional increment of 100,000 for that month.

  • Includes one administrative login to review email and mark/unmark additional email as spam via a dashboard for your personal use. Monitoring your domain emails will be located at: ''.

  • Yearly Contract - $10/month per domain = $120 per year plus tax. Spam filtering will be set up upon payment. This pricing is reduced, offering you a yearly rate to give you the lowest cost. This is a contract service and no refunds will be given.

  • Pricing includes setup and customer support for this product.

  • The spam filtering fee is taxable and will be billed and paid prior to the service being set up.

Please contact Webteam for more information.

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